The Brand

From a hobby to a brand, 9906 Candle Co is a testament to the power of passion and creativity. Founded in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, our home-based fragrance brand officially entered the scene fall of 2023 debuting handcrafted coconut soy candles and room + linen fragrance mists.


We are currently selling our products at our local Memphis Farmers Market, located in downtown Memphis. If you have or haven't encountered our products known as the true 'best smellers' with a popping design aesthetic (IYKYK) intended to quietly, but explosively stand out in a room you should for sure come smell us out. (LOL) But no, srsly, you can definitely say our aesthetic was a crucial 2nd to creating intoxicating aromas! IMO thats a crucial factor in what allows us to stand out in the seemingly crowded home fragrance market.


Aside from those deets you should know we are intentional about creating beautifully scented home fragrance products that everyone can enjoy. We are meticulous over every detail because we refuse to compromise on quality all while still doing the most to maintain the affordability factor and in this economy, thats tough!


As we continue to grow, 9906 Candle Co will remain rooted in the passion and creativity that sparked its creation.