Enhance your candle lifespan and burn quality

To ensure your candle burns evenly and extends its life, start by trimming the wick to approximately ¼ inch before lighting it. This step minimizes soot production and promotes uniform burning. Candle manufacturers also advise allowing the candle to melt across its entire surface during the initial burn, typically lasting about an hour depending on the candle's size. This process, which gives the wax a "memory," helps prevent uneven melting or tunneling in future uses.

Understanding Tunneling: Tunneling occurs when only the wax near the wick melts, creating a narrow hole around the wick if the candle isn't allowed to melt fully across the surface, particularly during the first burn. If neglected, this tunnel can deepen, potentially hindering the candle's ability to light and reducing its overall burn time by creating a direct path downward.

Rectifying Tunneling: Despite perfect initial burns, tunneling might still occur with subsequent short burns. If you notice tunneling, an effective method is to create a vented aluminum foil cover over the candle’s rim, a technique demonstrated in certain tutorials. This method redistributes the heat towards the candle's edges, leveling out the wax surface and restoring it to optimal condition.

Candle Care Tips: Avoid burning candles longer than three to four hours continuously and never leave them unattended. To preserve the candle’s fragrance and prevent dust accumulation, cover it after extinguishing. These practices will not only enhance your candle’s performance but also its aromatic potency.